Up to the 30th day after purchasing the service, you can request a refund if you are not satisfied with our services and want to cancel your account.

To request a refund, the customer must complete the form below.

Cancellations are processed within 24 hours for immediate cancellation or at the end of the payment cycle. To avoid issuing new charges, you must request cancellation up to 15 days before the expiration date.
The return of the payment will be analyzed and processed within 30 days after your request, so it will only be refunded if the server does not support it, or does not have any resource that makes it impossible for the user to use it. (our support team will try in every way to adapt the server to your needs or as advertised).

It will also not be refunded if server abuse is reported as stated in the Terms of Service.

When the refund is accepted

  • Services contracted and not yet released;
  • Services have no advertised feature;
  • Services with specifications different from the advertisement;
  • Services with specifications different from the contracted one;
  • Services with unresolved issues (does not include third-party scripts).

When refunds are denied

  • If contracted plan only for testing;
  • In case your script (system) doesn’t work;
  • For Cloud, VPS and Dedicated after released;
  • Software Licenses (cPanel, Softaculous and others);
  • Features NOT advertised are not covered by warranty.

Requesting a refund

Remember that refunds are only made for unresolved problems, in which case it is necessary to inform the ticket number where the problem and non-resolution were identified (if you have not yet opened the ticket, click here to open it) or for orders not yet released. If you meet the requirements, fill out the form below.